The metalworking industri

We know the industry – so do our partners

Since JKF was founded more than 50 years ago, we have co-operated with the metalworking industry in supplying complete solutions of high quality components for process extraction which include filters, cyclones, rotary valves, stainless ducts, standard ducts, fans, special products and accessories.

Therefore, we know the industry's basic needs and requirements to the functionality of our products and of course the existing legislation.

It is regardless of whether it is equipment for the small smithy, the medium-sized welding company or the big international group who is working with metal.

The same experience is applied by our professional network of hand-picked partners who supply individual and custom-built ventilation and extraction solutions, which ensure clean air for the benefit of the employees, the environment, safety and the reliability of the machines in the production process.

Metal dust is bad for the working environment - clean air increases the efficiency

Large amounts of metal dust of varying particle sizes are generated when working with metal.

The smallest particles from, among other things, power coating and grinding tend to move around in the atmosphere of the premises. Furthermore, oil is often applied during metalworking which generates a considerable amount of oil mist.

Both dust and mist dry out and irritate the employee's mucous membranes, eyes, skin and respiratory system and are not very healthy to inhale.

It is at the expense of the working environment and generates this significant discomfort for the employees resulting in increased absence from work due to illness and therefore reduced efficiency in the company.

Based on the Danish Working Envrionment Act we supply - in co-operation with our dealers - efficient and custom-built extraction and ventilation systems which target the challenges and specific requirements of the metalworking industry.

Demand control and minimal the risk of fire and production downtime

It is not only harmful to inhale metal dust and oil mist, but the process with welding, surface treatment and metal working could also emit sparks and thus cause fire and burns.

Here the right extraction and ventilation systems play a fundamental role, of course targeted each production process.

Common to all solutions are that they are demand controlled so the extraction are constantly adapted to the activities. In other words, the extraction only takes place where necessary, this ensures considerable operational savings compared to ventilation systems that are running continuously.

At the same time, reduced dust in the production process means far more reliable machinery and minimizes downtime which has economic consequences.  


A complete range of products which reflects on the bottom line

JKF's range of products include filters, filter bags, stainless ducts, cyclones, rotary valves, standard ducts, fans, special products and accessories all of which are used in process extraction systems.

The products are carefully selected to suit our customer's needs and requirements, and we can supply both small and large solutions at budgets suiting the customer.

Common to all our products is the focus on safety, environment, noise, performance, efficiency, reduction of costs and energy consumption.

Designed to provide a competitive time of repayment of the total investment cost they all have a positive effect on the company's bottom line.

Furthermore, all our products are designed in a way so they can not only be used in a total JKF-solution, but also together with other makes.