Recycling, sustainability and environment

What is recycling?

Recycling is the reuse of material and has become important for our environment and a major industry in both private and commercial contexts. Recycling as an industry covers many things and companies can be involved at many different levels within the recycling industry. This applies from the moment a material is thrown away until it is sorted and passed on in the system - either as part of an upcycling or a downcycling process. JKF is involved in the phase where the material is sorted and handled in sorting plants, and we offer energy-efficient filtration systems, fans and duct systems to extract dust generated during material handling. 

Environmentally friendly development - delivered by JKF   

Recycling, waste management and the global focus on minimising CO2 emissions have been steadily increasing in recent years. Sustainable investments and environmentally conscious companies are therefore of great importance. At JKF, we contribute positively to green development because we are dedicated to clean air - and have been for more than 60 years! 

We have a stated vision to contribute to improving the global external environment, so sustainability, energy efficiency and environmental awareness are inextricably linked to JKF. The path to cleaner air - both internally and externally - is through a strong product range. We have a wide portfolio of high quality filters, fans, ducts etc. that ensure our customers a good working environment and a greener profile through reduced energy consumption, more uptime and less maintenance.


High quality dust and material handling  

JKF has experience in dust and material handling from a wide range of industries. Thus, JKF's components can be used for aspiration dust from:

Electrical/electronic waste
Wood waste





Paper and plastic

And much more

The recycling industry differs from many other industries in that the dust types are often mixed together before the waste or recycled material is broken down and sorted. This places high demands on the filter supplier, as it requires robust filter systems and components. Our many years of experience combined with a strong product range therefore makes JKF the perfect supplier for industrial companies working with recycling and who need efficient dust extraction.  

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Flexible solutions

JKF offers a wide range of products that can be used in sorting plants and for extraction from windsifters, sorting belts, shredders, dividers, granulators and separation processes. You can click through and read more about JKF's product groups below.