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Rice milling and processing
Plant manufacturer:NEU-JKF Asia
Plant type:Rice milling and processing
Filter type:EX-14-CDF-3L Modular Chain Filter
Fan type:JK-45K transport fan x 4 units - JK 40-D transport fan x 1 unit
Duct system:Galvanised duct system
Dust type:Paddy dust
Total extraction volume:71.000 m3/hr
Volume flow:71.000 m3/hr
Confectionary and bakery ingredient manufacturer
Plant manufacturer:NEU-JKF Asia
Plant type:Confectionary and bakery ingredient manufacturer
Filter type:DS20S Dust Storm® Filter
Fan type:JK-45K transport fan (used as clean air fan) x 1 unit
Duct system:Stainless steel AISI304
Dust type:Food ingredient dust
Total extraction volume:10.000 m3/h
Volume flow:10.000 m3/h
Filter plant - process extraction from rice production
Plant manufacturer:Cimbria Heid
Plant type:Filter plant - process extraction from rice production
Filter type:6 Blower- and Jetfilter
Fan type:JKF fan
Duct system:JKF standard - galvanised
Dust type:Dust from Paddy Rice production
Total extraction volume:10 t/H
Volume flow:128.600 m3/h
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