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Online shopping in Australia
Date: 01/12/2015


Australian Distributor Develops
Innovative Shopping Cart Technology for Ducts


What’ so difficult about setting up an online shopping cart for ducts? The answer is the variety of component variables in ducting. There are scores of different pieces, diameters, lengths and variables in ducting components and traditional online shopping carts can’t handle the number of variables.

That means the only way to list products in a shopping cart is to have a different product page for every single combination of diameter, length, as well as any other additional variables a specific component may have, and that’s not user friendly. It means customers need to navigate scores of pages to order specific combinations of variables, making online shopping for ducting components tedious and time consuming. But not so now in Australia…

Our Australian Distributors Advanced Duct Systems have recently solved this problem by developing an online shopping cart where a buyer need only visit a single component page to select any variable for that component, for instance diameter and length, from drop down menus, and have the prices for that combination of variables update live in the cart.

This makes online ordering a breeze as you can order multiple diameters and lengths from the one page! You can browse the shopping cart here and see how the innovation makes shopping for ducts online easier than ever before http://www.ductsystems.com.au