JKF opens office close to Aalborg University
Date: 30/03/2022

JKF opens office at NOVI/GrowAAL close to Aalborg University

JKF recently started a collaboration with NOVI/GrowAAL, which rents out offices in Aalborg. JKF's office is located at Aalborg University, and the location is not coincidental. With its presence in the educational environment, JKF wants to get in closer contact with students from different disciplines. Business Development Manager Mikkel Spangsberg Kjærgaard has led the project of setting up the external office, and he sees great future prospects in opening an office in an area where students spend most their days.

"The reason why JKF has opened an office at NOVI/GrowAAL near Aalborg University is to get closer to the students and their competences within several different fields of study and to create an increased visibility of JKF in the study environment. With the office, JKF will increase the use of student assistants and the possibility of assignment writing and internships," he explains.

Over the past year, JKF has employed several student assistants with a special focus on digitisation projects, which has been a great success. JKF hopes to expand and accelerate these kinds of projects with the new office, and has also recently signed project partnerships and hired more students.