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JKF chosen because of safety expertise
Date: 07/08/2018


Safety is crucial


JKF´s products meet strict safety requirements 

Stricter safety requirements pave the way for the installation of JKF’s largest filter, SBF 620S 5,0-2B VFV, at the production site of the New Zealand packaging manufacturer in Hamilton. Geoff Ebdon, CEO at the installer NZ Duct & Flex, explains: 

- Compared to others, JKF offers a safer system at the same price; our new legislation makes CEOs and managers personally accountable for workplace safety. If they can prevent the staff from being injured during working hours, and thus reduce the risk of a potential lawsuit without additional expenses, then why not? 

The reason for the tougher legislative requirement was a tragic accident in 2010, in which 29 miners lost their lives. The legislative requirement has contributed to and increased interest in JKF’s VFV-explosion relief venting, which takes place through the roof of the filter. 

When transported, the SuperBlower filter required 13 x 40 feet containers on the 18,000 km long journey to the production site and arrived 10 minutes earlier than expected. The system is driven by 3 JK-100MT fans, and is capable of managing an air volume of up to 345,000 m³ per hour.