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Blower filters
Date: 09/02/2016


Blower-filters - 2 new models with EC cleaning

Blower filters with EC cleaning provide an optimal connection between efficiency and economy. We now expand the already wide programme with further 2 models (BF-34 and BF-55) making a total of 10 new sizes for filter area.

  • Simple installation
  • Low maintenance
  • All wires from filter top bunched in connection box
  • MPS timer is connected with 1-2 cables
  • Filterareas: BF-34: 32,4-61,8 m2 og BF-55: 52,4-99,8 m2


Facts about EC cleaning

  • Timer with differential pressure gauge.
  • Blow pipe dimensioned for optimal cleaning.
  • Pressure tank with built-in diaphragm valve for increased efficiency.
  • Injector nozzle for each filter bag minimizes energy waste when cleaning.


For further information please contact us by phone or by mail on info@jkf.dk

Our updated catalogues can be downloaded at jkf.dk